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About Us

About Us

Cyclocruze, a charity bike ride based in Hythe on the waterside, had its 38th successful ride around the Isle of Wight with £6000 raised for local charities in 2022 .  Cyclocruze established in 1984 has a long history in supporting local charities and it couldn't be done without each and everyone who has participated, donated or volunteered to this very  special ride. Help us add to the history and join usto donate as much as possible
to these worthy charities. 
Have a blast of a time

Yes we have done the research (no really), those who were interviewed said they joined Cyclocruze and continue to do it every year because it was fun and sociable. Why wouldn't it be? We work hard but we also play hard at the variety of pubs and restaurants we unwind in.Lets see what one of our longest serving riders has to say.Churchy video

Take a look at all our photos.

Challenge yourself

This ride isn't easy by any means but you have plenty of time to do it at your own pace. Many of our riders do it for the challenge and for the sense of achievement, not only in completing the ride but also in raising money for great causes. So why not join them?

Don't panic there is also an easier ride if you prefer to have a more relaxing time.

Photo at top of Chale Hill

Donate to good causes
Everyone is welcome

We have men and women from 16-75 years old taking part each year. We are a community event and all are welcome. Why not get in touch to find out more?

Photos of three Age Groups

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