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37th Annual Isle of Wight Charity Sponsored Cycle Ride 4/5th July 2020

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I would like pub breakfast at the Horse and Groom, Ningwood, Sat from 10.00am.
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All money payable to 'Cyclocruze Fund' (Please select late entry option if applying after 31 May)
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The preferred method of payment is by bank transfer.

Payment details - Account Number 11465171 Sort Code 40-25-24

Please identify yourself and mark as a Cyclocruze entry payment in the reference


Alternatively payment can be made also through Paypal on the Website or Just Giving. 

Card payments are also available.

Paper application forms with payment can be made through The Lord Nelson Public House, 5 High Street, Hythe, Southampton S045 6AG Tel. 02380  842169 marked Cyclocruze.

Application for entry is not guaranteed acceptance. If your application is unsuccessful, all payments will be refunded

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Please ensure the form is placed in a sealed envelope marked up 'cyclocruze' and hand it in to a member of staff at the Lord Nelson Pub in Hythe.